TFT Displays

Reliable and durable our feature-rich TFT displays offers unrivalled brightness, clarity and flexibility.

TFT Displays

With 5+ years of availability, stability in performance and consistency at extreme temperatures, our TFT displays can be relied on. Ultra-wide viewing angles, sun-light readability, and multi-touch PCT technology including gloved finger operation also ensure cutting edge execution.


For the most challenging environments we offer a wide range of innovative customisation options allowing us to tailor components to your exact requirements.

Cover Lens Customisation

Cover Lens Customisation

Choosing from material options such as soda lime, chemical and heat strengthened, tempered and toughened glass and PMMA, Polycarbonate and Optolite™ high scratch resistant plastics, our team can pinpoint the ideal solution. Our bespoke service also includes enhancement such as Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Reflection (AR) and Anti-Smudge (AS) optical treatments. Finally, colour and graphic logo printing, circular, rectangular and free-form cut-out detailing can fully customise your monitors.

Haptic Touch Option

Haptic Touch Option

As the ultimate in sensory and intuitive user experience, delivering product differentiation from competitors, we offer integrated Haptic feedback technology to our TFT touch sensors. Users experience added satisfaction of a tactile sensation of simulating clicks and vibrations through the touch screen, giving the enhanced perception of using physical buttons and switches.

​​Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding

When clarity and functionality is essential to create the best end-user experience, Optical Bonding offers the perfect solution for increasing visibility and durability in light-challenging and harsh environments.

Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Specially designed embedded SBC solutions for our AMOLED displays, contain all the essential hardware, software, electronics and interface drivers to reduce your development cycle and speed up time to market.

EMI and Noise Immunity

EMI & Noise Immunity

When maintaining maximum performance, reliability and output efficiency is essential, our in house engineer designed and developed protective EMI shields and ground pads to limit Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and provide noise immunity.

  • Industrial TFT Displays

    Stable and durable our industrial TFTs deliver responsive, long lasting service.

    View Industrial TFT Displays
    TFT Displays Industrial (W)
    • Multi-projective capacitive
    • Wide viewing angles
    • Five plus years supply guarantee

    Industrial TFT

    • Projective capacity touch technology
    • 800-1000cd/m2Extra bright options
    • Guaranteed supply for 5 years
    TFT Displays Ultrawide Temp

    Ultra-wide Temperature TFT

    Our automotive grade IPS/MVA range delivers excellent performance and consistency at extreme temperatures.

    View Ultra-wide Temperature TFT

    Ultra-wide Temperature

  • Sunlight Readable TFT

    Clarity is guaranteed in even the most challenging conditions. And by employing the latest power efficient technology, so is reliability.

    View Sunlight Readable TFT
    TFT Displays Sunlight Readable (W)
    • Transreflective display technology
    • High contrast
    • Enhanced readability

    Sunlight Readable

    • Supports advanced display technologies
    • Low power usage conserves battery life
    • Simplified pin count reduces electrical noise
    TFT Displays MIPI (G)


    Setting a new standard native MIPI DSI delivers high speed, high performance and rapid integration for multiple markets.

    View MIPI TFT


  • Broadcast TFT

    Smartphone Quality Graphics transforming Broadcast rack displays

    View Broadcast TFT
    Broadcast TFT
    • Utilising IPS technology offering an 85/85/85/85 symmetric viewing experience
    • Superb optical performance enabling a stunning user interface design with compelling video content
    • Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) as standard

    Broadcast TFT

    • Ultra-bright screen suitable for outside environments
    • 80/80/80/80 wide viewing angle
    • Low voltage differential signalling interface
    • Ultra wide temperature range
    Mitsubishi TFT

    Mitsubishi TFT

    Our Mitsubishi replacement range offers pin to pin compatibility with existing Mitsubishi displays, so no changes are required.

    View Mitsubishi TFT

    Mitsubishi TFT

  • HDMI & USB-C TFT Displays

    Our plug and play HDMI & USB-C displays, with Projective Capacitive touch as standard.

    View HDMI & USB-C TFT Displays
    USBC Display
    • High quality, high resolution IPS technology displays
    • Plug and play solution
    • Optically bonded with multi-touch Projective Capacitive Touch panels


    • Circular & square form factor
    • Available from 1.3’’to 5’’ sizes
    • All of the displays can be fully customised
    Round Display

    Round & Square TFT

    Stable and durable our industrial round and square TFTs deliver responsive, long lasting service.

    View Round & Square TFT

    Round & Square TFT Displays

  • In-Cell Touch TFT

    Stable and durable, our thinnest IPS touch displays yet.

    View In-Cell Touch TFT
    In Cell Touch
    • Best contrast and colour saturation display
    • Thinnest IPS touch displays
    • Mobile phone quality

    In-Cell Touch Displays

Evaluation Kits

When time is critical we understand the importance of effective project evaluation. Our development and evaluation toolkits offer a quick and simple solution to evaluate our displays.

Request evaluation kit

OLED Dev Kits

Plug and play

Our Arduino UNO based micro controller platform includes all hardware and pre-installed software required for the evaluation of our display range.

Demo Software

The pre-installed software enables comprehensive demonstrations out of the box with the added benefit of being fully customisable to your needs.

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